Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life update #1: Am I going to die?

Hihi everyone. it's Zuzu ◕_◕ I guess I can call this a life update. because all i'm gonna do is talk about things I've been doing show so picture nothing to important... yeah anyway on to things.

Let's start with something pointless like the mountain drew icee at taco bell

 it kinda taste like concentrated mountain dew pour on ice hehe

It's like "summer" in barstow right now but I can't say that for sure, it might snow next week. since it's so hot I found a really ugly pair of my cousin shorts from maybe 1993, really I doubt if she even remember they existed. But I saw penitential in them before my brother thew them away. grandma says I destroyed them I think I improved them.

 I made some bleach thigh prints on the front and ripped a bit of the bottom
 And replaced the pockets with a cute flower print. to give them a vintage-y feel.
 This was them before I didn't do much but I thankfully got reed of the "tramp stamps" on the pockets.

 Since it spring break I wanted to work on a quite a few things but I might have try to go for a bit to much. I'm only just three of the seven things I'm supposed to work on. I'm really tired and haven't been able to posted to anything. I try to paint a cat shirt but the eyes came out wrong and I just finish making a case for my kindle fire which doesn't snap to well.
 cat shirt with a really bad eye.

Panda Kindle fire case came out kinda cute <3

That's all really. just kinda busy with more work then i do i school. The last page of the first chapter of my web-comic comes out this Friday I will link to it on my tumblr here    but that's it. better get back to work. thanks for reading ◕‿◕

Thursday, March 28, 2013

my first lolita photoshoot!

Hihi all it's zuzu, In february barstows cherry blossoms bloom and I had final had enough for a sweet coord so I had my first  photo-shoot  ◕‿◕ though it's was a very windy day. we took about 60 picture but only eleven of look good (kinda) this is the first time I'll show my face on the internet
◕﹏◕ which is why these picture were held for some months. Blah on to the picture!

Outfit run-down 
wigs is from Gothic Lolita wigs.
skirk, bow, shoes, and socks are from bodyline
every thing else is either thrift or hand-made. 

Please excuse my hand-made petticoat (and the fact that I'm a fatty-chan) I've been saving up for a real one. The cherry blossom were beautiful and I'm happy I can share these with you guys! thanks for reading. ◠△◠

Sunday, March 24, 2013

thrift shop mini haul

Hihi everyone zuzu again ◕‿◕ this is a mini thrift shop haul. At my local thrift on sunday they have a five dollar bag sell and to my surprise there was some pastel goth-y-able things and I wanted to share.
  There were these really simple over size sweater in mint and lavender and a polka-dot shirt.
 I'm going to try creepy cuteing them up maybe by painting a cross or a cute saying and adding spikes to the shoulders.
 I also found this mint t-shirt just ready for painting and this cute pink laces cape-shirt but my lighting is terrible sorry ◡︿

And last what had to be the greatest find of all this Halloween snoopy over-sized sweater ◕3◕
Close up on the design.
 the only bad thing about this haul is the fact that it's all most summer and I live in the desert so I can't wear most of it now. hehe Thanks for reading!